Transportation and Delivery

The Problem:
LTL/TL and Courier companies receive package delivery and pickup orders from multiple customers and in multiple formats. They need a way to scan these packages when they are received, loaded, and delivered with any exceptions reported immediately along the way. They need visibility as to where their drivers are, what deliveries are on their vehicles, and real-time communications for dispatching.

Food & Drug delivery companies are also being forced to implement a lot of government mandates on traceability for e-pedigree and food traceability.

Your customers are demanding, they want to know where their packages are every step of the way. Contracts that have been managed by the same delivery companies for years are out for bid and require electronic proof-of-delivery.

The Solution:
2GO Mobile provides mobile proof-of-delivery (POD) software that provides pickup and delivery (hotshot) and electronic POD (LTL/TL) for the most demanding of situations. Our solutions allow you to receive e-manifest and advanced shipment notifications in multiple formats and produce electronic reporting such as your overage shortage and damage (OS&D) reports and customer activity reports in real-time.

Our solutions provide complete traceability every step of the way with signature capture, and GPS time-stamp.

Your customers will have access to their own web-access to run reports, view signatures, and create new pickups or deliveries, providing them with deliver tracking software as well.

The Benefits:

• Increased customer satisfaction
• Reduced bill backs due to lost signatures
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Eliminate paperwork in the field
• Save countless hours in the back office researching exceptions
• Reduced time spent on the phone with customers due to customer self-service options
• Automatic Courier or Truck Dispatch
• Real-Time shipment tracking online
• Real-Time parcel tracking with history
• Signature Capture