Field Service

The Problem:
Field service companies receive customer calls throughout the day. These companies need to dispatch field technicians who can respond to client needs in a timely, efficient manner. Field service companies must pay attention to fuel and labor costs, and reduce redundant or unnecessary trips to customer locations. Field technicians historically spend 15 minutes on paperwork per customer, and up to one hour each day restocking service trucks with the parts they have sold. This is down time. It is imperative that field service companies find ways to increase efficiencies. Also, inventory costs are rising due to loss, theft, or from the inability to track inventory once the product has left the warehouse.

The Solution:
Mobile Field Service Automation (FSA) solutions enable field-based employee industries to work more productively. Through real-time access via wireless handheld devices, technicians can access work orders, part lists, and other essential back-office information. The result—field service companies can more effectively meet the needs of customers.

The Benefits:
Companies that have used mobile field service software solutions from 2GO Mobile have recognized savings that outpace the cost of the system several times over. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means that the software has no upfront costs. Customers pay for the service as it is used. Future improvements to the application are made available without additional charge and automatically installed on the device each time it is synchronized.

Customers realize increased profits due to:

•Better time management can save labor costs of up to an hour per day per technician
•Decrease in travel time and fuel costs by up to one gallon per day per vehicle
•Travel time fully accounted for, including those waits in reception areas
•Accuracy and immediacy of billing encourages faster payment
•Immediate dispute resolution
•Decrease in phone charges due to Web-based communication and e-mail
•Decrease in paper costs due to the elimination of hard copy job sheets
•Decrease in theft or loss of inventory; more efficient part inventory capabilities