Direct Store Delivery

The Problem:
While a well-managed supply chain can increase revenue, cut costs, and increase your company’s profits, product unavailability can equate to a loss of thousands of dollars. And, when fast-moving and promotional items are out-of-stock, the losses are even more substantial. An increasing number of companies involved in distribution of packaged goods and direct store delivery are turning to mobile route accounting and sales order automation applications to help create supply chain efficiency.

The Solution:
2GO Mobile is a specialist in executing efficient supply chain management. The solutions are specifically tailored for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies that utilize a direct store delivery (DSD) force to sell, deliver, and service their products.

2GO Mobile provides the solutions to transform back-office or enterprise systems into powerful Web-enabled route accounting applications. 2GO Mobile moves this critical enterprise information to the point of delivery within the suite of mobile applications empowering delivery, sales, and merchandiser professionals.

The Benefits:
By automating three core application areas—sales automation/order management, inventory management, and delivery confirmation—companies recognize significant benefits that include:

• Increased sales
• Increased employee productivity
• Increased inventory, distribution, and shipping savings
• Prevention of revenue losses
• Lot Traceability 
• Shortened billing cycles
• Cost reductions from returns tracking
• Decrease of clerical, data, and invoicing errors
• Reduction of communication costs